Yukkuri Satori


Satokuri, Yukkori
Based on
Hairband, "eye orb"
Cherry pie
Special Abilities


Yukkuri Satori are mind readers. They are capable of full telepathy with other yukkuris. They can also read the hearts of other beings.



A Satori and Koishi with a cat and a bird.

Although the majority of Satokuri maintain a slightly deadpan expression at all times, they are always kind in their hearts and well-meaning towards everyone. When engaging in telepathy with another yukkuris, they deploy a red eye shaped orb.

They're quite a rare species of yukkuri, but a good number of them are kept by and work for yukkuri pet shops and companies to domesticate yukkuri or to provide them with counselling with their telepathy skills. Therefore, getting a Satori isn't as hard as it was in former times.

Relationships to other YukkurisEdit

Varies, but generally if a yukkuri has something to hide or has pedo-tendencies, they will be less likely to get along with that yukkuri. They appear to get along well with Yukkureimus, but it is unknown if they mate with them. They are usually seen mating with Yukkuri Koishi or Yukkuri Orin.

Cirno-type yukkuris are said to confuse them greatly, mostly due to the general stupidity of Cirnos.


  • Reading it easy!
  • I can read your heart easy!

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • It has been said that the Yukkuri Satori's third eye is near-sighted.

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