Yukkuri Seiga


Yukkiga, Yukki Nyan Nyan
Based on
Hair pen, silk cloth
Rose Tea
Special Abilities
Flight, ability to move through walls


A selfish and cruel yukkuri. While new to the yukkuri fandom, Yukkiga have already left an impact.



A Seiga.

Know for their vanity (for a yukkuri) Seigas, like Yukkuri Seija, enjoy nothing more then to torment or tease other yukkuri. When upset at someone or another yukkuri, a Seiga will slap it with its cloth with such a force it can cut through yukkuris' skin with ease. When not known for double-crossing yukkuri, Seigas seem to enjoy being around dead yukkuri corpses. When a corpse is present, the Seiga will start talking to it, posing it, and carrying it around wherever it goes. If ever insulted, Seigas will reply with a "How dare you insult my cute yukkuri". If a corpse is unavailable, a Seiga will make one by capturing a living yukkuri and slowly tormenting it to death.

Seigas are well regarded in the abuser yukkuri groups.

Oddly enough, they can pass through walls with ease, meaning that owning a Seiga is a very difficult challenge.

Relationship with other YukkuriEdit

Their behavior and cruelty normally off-put many yukkuri, except for Seijas, Flans, and cruel yukkuri.

Yoshikas flock to a Seiga and the two form a sort of bond between each other, with the Seiga doting over them, much like how a Ran will dot over a Chen. However, unlike most over-bearing yukkuri, Seigas treat their Yoshikkuri like beloved servants and mostly make them work. As of current, it's unknown how wild Seigas are born. It's speculated that a Seiga could rape a yukkuri to produce offspring, as they have been seen doing such behavior in captivity. The offsprings of such courtships always happen to be a Seiga and Yoshika.

These yukkuri appear to be in a bad relationship with Yukkuri Kasen, with the Kasen trying its best to belittle a Seiga with the Seiga likely attacking the Kasen.


  • I'm going through the wall easy!
  • Come here, Yoshika!

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