Due to the horns, they are sometimes confused with Yukkuri Tokiko . To tell a Seija from a Tokiko, note the hair color. Seijas have black-and-red hair while Tokikos have blue-and-white. Tokiko also have wings while Seijas do not.

Yukkuri Seija


Based on
Small Horns
Upside-Down Cake
Special Abilities
They can flip other yukkuris.


Yukkuri Seijas are a new type of Yukkuri that are mean spirited and tricksters. Unlike other trickster yukkuris, such as Tewis, Seijas enjoy playing pranks and tormenting other yukkuri for the fun of it and with no gain. They like to manipulate Shinmyoumaru-types, who look for protection in Seijas, and flip other yukkuris upside-down leaving them helpless.


Because of their flipping abilities, some farmers and crueler pet owners have tried to use Seijas for use in disabling other yukkuri. However, when told by a human to do something, a Seija will do the opposite. If they are asked to protect a field, they will, instead, not protect it and wander off to do other things. If they are asked to flip a certain yukkuri, the Seija will flip another yukkuri or not flip anything at all. Using reverse physiology (do not protect the field/flip a yukkuri) with result in the Seija following the order to not do what it was asked of it. So, asking it to not protect a field will result in it protecting a field.

Because of their stubborn nature, breeders and the factory are trying to come up with a way to breed a trainable Seija.

Relationship to other yukkurisEdit

Because of their nature, Seijas are not liked except by Shinmyoumarus, who look for Seijas as a source of protection. Oddly enough, a Seija will go out of its way to protect the Shinmyoumaru(s) under its care, though it seems it does so just so it can continue to manipulate the Shinmyoumarus. On rare cases they will keep the Shinmyoumaru(s) under its care so it can treat them as its own pet, resulting in a close bond. However, if their "pet" were to die then they would act as if it didn't ever exist for unknown reasons.

A form of distrust and dislike has apparently occurred between Seijas and Reimus, another yukkuri known for guarding Shinmyoumarus, who will fight over the custody of a Shinmyoumaru.