Yukkuri Shimakaze


Based on
Sea Water
Special Abilities
Fast speed, aquatic


A yukkuri based upon the popular Shimakaze of Kantai Collection fame.



Shimakaze moving very quickly.

Very speedy yukkuri, much like Kimeemaru, though they are only fast on water. On land, they can average a normal speed for yukkuri. Due to their similarities with Kimeemaru, they are at times portrayed with a smirk.

Very fast and hot tempered yukkuri that really don't like slowing down. Though they do have no issue with taking it easy. Much like all Kantai Yukkuri, they need both land and water to thrive along with metal and oil to eat and drink.

While rather uncommon because they are new type of yukkuri, these yukkuri are becoming very popular due to the pet trade and the real Shimakaze's popularity. Owners of these yukkuri, however, are usually surprised to find that they are quick to get bruised and harmed. This is due to them running into the sides of their tanks/homes, as they don't pay attention to where they go. Therefore, owners of Shimakaze are required to let their pets out of their cages at least once a day for them to burn off their excess energy. The best way to do this is to allow them to swim in a bath tub or swimming pool (their aquatic, so dissolving and drowning isn't a issue) for at least fifteen minutes. Toy boats are a favorite toy for koshumaukkuri and adults alike.

When mated, Shumaukkuri are observed having three different types of koyukkuri. A koshumaukkuri, a ko of the father, and a smaller and squarer yukkuri. That yukkuri is a Yukkurui Rensouhou, a odd turret-looking yukkuri. Shumaukkuri apparently always give birth to one korensouhou, even if said koyukkuri is the only ko they bare.

Relationship to other yukkuriEdit


A Shimakaze with bodied Rensouhous.

While fast and hot tempered, these yukkuri enjoy the company of others. While not overtly docile in nature, they can be good tank mates or friends to other yukkuri. Like all Kantai Yukkuri, they adore Nitoris.

As stated above, Shimaukkuri always give birth to a Rensouhou and are very protective of said yukkuri to the point they may alienate their family to spend more time will the Rensouhous they bore or adopted. This is without saying an issue in mated pairs.

As for mates, Shumaukkuri will find most yukkuri appropriate, though if they think their mate or suitor is to slow or not "up to it", they are quick to dump and leave them. This is an issue seeing as they view many yukkuri not "up to it", whatever that means to the Shumaukkuri.


A sleeping Shimakaze and YuukWoo.


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