Yukkuri Shinki


Ahogekkuri, Yukkuahoge
Based on
Two Hair bobbles, 6 small wings.
Devil's Food Cake
Special Abilities
powerful lasers, flight, can detach & control other yukkuris


An older, yet legendary yukkuri that is rumored to exist (or at least did exist for a time).


Yukkuri Shinki are extremely rare (if not extinct) and powerful yukkuri. They care for their children greatly, but do not care much for other yukkuri. Yukkuahoges like to stay and sleep in dark places and dream of reaching Makai, a mysterious land, to take it easy there. They can also fly and fire a small laser. Their lasers are not as powerful as other yukkuri's beam-like powers, but can still vaporize an attacking yukkuri or wound a human with ease.


A Shinki (in the back) with its "children".

Despite their seemingly mean nature, Yukkuahoges are actually friendly and kind. They just don't like other beings.

Relationships to other YukkurisEdit

Shinki types don't like most other yukkuri, aside from Alice types, which they treat as their own children. It has also been said that Shinki types know how to locate Mima types. Yumeko types are seen as their protectors and caretakers, though it's not clear if the Shinki even need protection or caretaking.


A Shinki type playing with an Alice and Shanghai.


  • Ahoogeee!

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • It is not known if Shinkis are actually still alive. A recent yukkuri pet show did promise to show a "living Shinki", but the owner of the yukkuri never showed up.
  • Shinki's ahoge with legs as shown in a shishou no deshi work in a fashion similar but different to shiteyan'yos is a common meme associated with Yukkuri Shinkis.

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