Yukkuri Shinmyoumaru


Based on
Bowl, Needle, Magic Mallet
Cookie Crumbs
Special Abilities
Can change size

Bodied Shinmyoumaru.


A new type of yukkuri based upon Shinmyoumaru. As of current, they are generally seen bodied and use Seijas for protection, though Seijas aren't the best sort of yukkuri to turn to for protection. Curious, as well as being the smallest yukkuri, Miniaturekkuri are very delicate and easy to overlook.

Much like Suikas, they can change their size, but only if they are in possession of a Magic Mallet.


Curious in nature, these little yukkuri love exploring. Due to their size, however, they need protection least they be killed. They are very naive and trusting, something Seijas and abusive yukkuri owners manipulate to their own advantage.

It's known that if they feel threatened they will retreat inside their bowls, which appear to be made out of a very hard substance. That being said, it's a common trick to also place a rock or similar size object onto of a retreated Shinmyoumaru's bowl, thus trapping the poor little yukkuri until someone or another yukkuri frees it. 

Relationship to other yukkuriEdit


A Shinmyoumaru feeling threaten by larger bodied yukkuri. Keep in mind the normal bodied yukkuri is around three feet tall. So this Shinmyoumaru can't be taller then a foot, if that.

Being small and delicate, these yukkuri must seek protection either in groups or with Seijas. It has been reported, however, that Yukkuri Reimus have been seen protecting miniaturekkuris, with the miniaturekkuris using its ability to help the Reimu in its day-to-day life. Sometimes, more deibu-like Reimus will put the Miniaturekkuris into a cage or jar, much to the little yukkuri's displeasure.

Seijas are well known to manipulate and trick Minaturekkuris, telling them lies and fibs to make the Seija seem like a perfect yukkuri and all the others to be horrible beings that will squish or do worse to the Minaturekkuris. That being said, Seijas aren't abusive to the Minaturekkuris under their care or protection. Just manipulative.

It's unknown at this time of who Minaturekkurris mate with.

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