Yukkuri Shizuha

Yukkuri Shizuha

Based on
Autumn Leaves
Pumpkin Pie
Special Abilities
High breeding rates
Prolific During Certain Months


Where as a Yukkuri Minoriko is well liked despite its prideful behavior, Shizuhas are almost universally ignored.


Cheeky in behavior, this yukkuri is frequently jealous of more "popular" yukkuris, and is constantly striving for attention from humans and yukkuri alike. Entire families of Shizuhas are known to invade homes just so someone can recognize them (though the end result of such extremes is not good for the Shizuhas).

A rather hard-working yukkuri, despite being unnoticed.


They universally like Yukkuri Minoriko, but are frequently jealous of their "popularity". Most yukkuri avoid them due to the extemes they will go to just to receive attention.

Just like Minorikos, they are preyed upon by Yukkuri Letty.


  • Have the fall-colors easy!
  • I am not an original character!

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • It was once believed that seeing a Shizuha was a sign of a great harvest.
  • Recently, a "club" of sorts have been founded by fans of Yukkuri Minorikos and Shizuhas. This club consists of yukkuri owners who share stories, pictures, and videos of their pet Minorikos and Shizuhas. Because of said club, a now steady supply of pet Minorikos and Shizuhas exist.

She died for your high score.

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