Yukkuri Shou


Based on
Lotus-shaped ornament on head. Jeweled Pagoda?
Scrambled eggs.
Special Abilities
Strong but sensitive


Physically strong for a yukkuri, but also very emotional, and tends to cry when its feelings are hurt.

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A Shou being teased.


Shous are normally happy and bright, but that being said are also emotional. If another yukkuri was to even make a light remark, the Shou will break down into tears. They also break down and cry if they lose something, forget something, or at times for just no good reason. Though it would appear that a Shou needs a good cry here or there, as if they don't they will become extremely depressed.

Despite being very strong, Shou's are also clumsy. They are well known for tripping and landing on their faces (remarkable for a creature without legs), lose things with ease, and are well known for being forgetful. So much so that they may be found crying in their nests about not knowing where their homes are, despite being in the home. However, they aren't known for forgetting their mates and children, and do make good parents.

Despite these drawbacks, Shous are remarkably strong for a yukkuri. They can easily dispatch a Remilia or Flan in one blow. Luckily for other yukkuri, Shou's are not predators and do remember that they are powerful.

Shous are known for liking bananas and an accessory-like object which they call "Pagoda". All Shous are born with one, yet its rare to find a Shou that has kept its Pagoda, for the Pagoda is normally the first thing they lose. As for bananas, no one is quite sure why Shous like them (espically since their filling are eggs) but they do and as such an owner of a Shou should only give them this food as a treat.

Relationships to other YukkurisEdit

The most important yukkuri to Shous are Nazrin types. Shous can barely live without Nazrins, and will usually make up for their mistakes by doting the Nazrin they have befriended or mated with. This greatly annoys Nazrins, who feel the burden of having to care for a Shou. Shous also get along well with Rans, who they are known to socialize with though rarely if ever mate with.

They also show great respect for Yukkuri Byakuren, and will follow a Byakuren where ever it goes if the Shou happens to find one. Mated pairs of the two, however, have never been recorded in the wild but have been observed in domesticated yukkuri from time to time.


A Shou playing with a Byakuren.


  • Nazri~n!
  • I-l lost my pagoda!?

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