Yukkuri Sikieiki

Sikieiki yukkuri

Based on
Blue Hat with Red and white ribbons. Sometimes a Baton.
Green Peas Jam
Special Abilities
Have the ability to "judge" other yukkuri.
Very rare


Sikieki-types, known as "E~ki-sama", are extremely carefree and naïve. They also have a strong attachment to Komachis, who is seen as a mix of a lover, caretaker, and employee. They are sometimes seen with a Rod of Remorse like the real Sikieiki.


A bodied Sikieiki.



A Sikieiki with family.

Sikiekis are not above abusing their authority to keep a Komachi or other yukkuri they like close to them. They also run the courts of more advanced clans to judge whether or not a yukkuri is to be punished for any bad deeds.

While carefree, most likely due to the power they have, when in times of need or leadership, the Sikieki will not hesitate to jump into positions of leadership. Luckily for yukkuri under their care, they will usually not abuse their power.

Relationships to other YukkurisEdit

Sikieki-types are mostly seen with Yukkuri Komachis, seemingly quite fond of them despite their contrasting nature.

Other yukkuri on the other hand avoid them, especially those that are more predatory, being aware that Shikiekis love to lecture and talk. However there are a few times when yukkuris ignore or get infuriated by Shikiekis and attempt to attack them.


  • Thou may~! (Yoi zo~!)
  • Death sentence!
  • Gonna give the verdict!
  • Punishment!

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