Yukkuri Star Sapphire


Based on
Star Sapphire
A blue ribbon.
Special Abilities
Able to detect any animated objects nearby

Overview Edit

A calm yukkuri that enjoys pulling pranks on other yukkuris.

Behavior Edit

Found nearby the Hakurei Shrine and The Forest Of Magic,Star Sapphire is a yukkuri that enjoy pulling ranks on both humans and yukkuris.

Seems to don't care about any yukkuri caught in act with her,often will run or fly away leaving her partners alone.

Don't like fighting with anyone,would rather talk and solve it without anyone getting hurt.

Is considered to be a good pet,as don't like to fight with any other yukkuris,the anon must be careful,even through peaceful,still will enjoy pulling pranks.

The pranks may be a simple water bucket falling to the point of getting the anon near a Yukkuri Utsuho or a Yukkuri Medicine.

Relationships to Other Yukkuris Edit

Like the real Star Sapphire,will spend her time with Yukkuri Sunny Milk and Yukkuri Luna Child pulling pranks,even through being usualy a good friend to them,will abandone them if in danger,she often will mate with them and have around 3 koyukkuris.

Yukkuris Cirnos and Yukkuris Reimus seems to despise her,as they're the main victim of most pranks,even through there are a few cases were they mated with each other,that's extremely rare through.

Other yukkuris will ignore them as they're often seen as a "Yukkuri who can't take it easy!",even rapists Alices will get as away from them as soon as possible,due to that,they often pull pranks as punishement for being ignorant.

Speech Edit

  • It's just a prank easy!
  • *Yukkuri Name* is the one who can't take it easy!

Rumors & Miscellaneous Edit

  • Some people say that their Star Sapphire tried to set the house in fire after they refused to feed them again,the Star Sapphires always end up seting themselves on fire instead.
  • They seem to hate water,it's unknown why,some people say that it's because they can't swin with their acessorie or their wing would get destroyed.
  • The shitheads seem to have no interess in pulling pranks on yukkuris,only on humans.

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