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Yukkuri Sunny Milk


Based on
Sunny Milk
A maid-like frilly acessory
Special Abilities
Refracting light

Overview Edit

A energitic curius yukkuri.

Behavior Edit

A energitic yukkuri that likes pulling pranks,out of the three(Sunny,Luna and Star)she's the one that no anon wanna adopt due that she way too energetic.

Relationships to Other Yukkuris Edit

Seem to enjoy spending her time with Yukkuri Luna and Yukkuri Star pulling pranks,she often will mate with them and have around 3 koyukkuris.

Yukkuris Cirnos and Yukkuris Reimus seems to despise her,as they're the main victim of most pranks,even through there are a few cases were they mated with each other,that's extremely rare through.

Other yukkuris will ignore them as they're often seen as a "Yukkuri who can't take it easy!",even rapists Alices will get as away from them as soon as possible,due to that,they often pull pranks as punishement for being ignorant.

Speech Edit

  • It's just a prank easy!
  • *Yukkuri Name* is the one who can't take it easy!

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