Yukkuri Tenryuu


Based on
Small head fins, eye patch
Special Abilities


When the popularity of Touhou meets the popularity of the Kantai Collection, yukkuri are bound to be created. One of the first Kantai Collection yukkuri, Tenukkuri are rather odd yukkuri that enjoy being "scary".


Tough yukkuri, they act tough at least, that enjoy nothing more then being tough and "scary". Though unlike Kogasas, who "scare" by popping out and yelling boo, Tenukkuri enjoy scaring yukkuri and others by their tough attitude usually accompanied by their famous "Heh, you scared" catchphrase.

These yukkuri are aquatic, though amphibious would be more appropriate to describe them. Like other Kantai Yukkuri, Tenukkuri enjoy being in and around water but can't spend their entire lives in the water. So if someone is planning on keeping one as a pet it's best to give them land where they can nest and relax. While playing in water, Tenukkuri will generally enjoy acting like a ship for some odd reason and will constantly shout out nautical phrases. They, like Kantai Yukkuri, have the habit of calling their owners "Admiral".


A Tenukkuri being presented a bullet to eat.

Unlike most yukkuri, Tenukkuri and Kantai Yukkuri can not survive on normal food a yukkuri would enjoy, like berries and plants. Instead, these yukkuri eat metal and lead, be it nails, bullets, pipes, etc. They also can't drink water and will only drink oil. This leads to their urine being oil and their poo-poo being near liquid metal. As of right now, owning a Tenukkuri isn't very cost efficient. How they achieve this in the wild is unknown.

Like Youmus, these yukkuri attack with little swords, sticks, or shards of metal.

Relationship to other yukkuriEdit

Due to their "tough" personality, most yukkuri will disregard the Tenukkuri. Nitoris are known in the wild to supply Tenukkuris with scraps of metal and drops of oil. Tenukkuris do get along with most other Kantai Yukkuri, such as Kongous, Shimakazes, and Tatsutas. Tatsutas are the only known mates of Tenukkuri.


  • Heh, you scared?

A Tenryuu saying its catch phrase.

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