Yukkuri Tokiko


Based on
Three wings
Egg whites
Special Abilities
Easily ignored, extended flight
Very Rare



A Tokiko teaching its kotokiko to read.

Yukkuri Tokiko were for a time one of the most endangered Yukkuri species. Due to breeders and more field research, Tokikos have become more common (including in the wild), though still very rare. Therefore, hurting a Tokiko is against most laws.


Tokikos are a interesting yukkuri who, much like Patches, love to read and be around books. Unlike Patchoulis, who at times can or can't read, Tokikos are almost always seen reading and speaking fluently in multiple languages. They are usually seen around Yukkuri Rinnosuke, though the two are never seen mated with one another. They are, however, shy and will flee if something they are unfamiliar with approaches.


A Tokiko on a book.

Relationships to other YukkurisEdit

As stated above, Tokikos are friendly to Rinnosukes, and will usually live with one if given the chance. In these sort of relations, the two are never actually seen mating with one another, yet they act as if they have mated. Due to this behavior, it's concluded that they only mate within their own species, much like the Rinnosukes they follow. In "pairs" of these yukkuri, a Tokiko is normally tasked with hunting while the Rinnosuke is tasked with guarding the "shop".

They also seem to have a liking towards Lily White Yukkuri, usually following them around happily.

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