Yukkuri Toyosatomimi

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Miko Yukkuri
Based on
Headphones, sometimes seen with cape
Special Abilities
Very fast. Apparently can hijack cars.


A slightly mean and curious yukkuri known for its speed and liking of sticks. Said to also have enhanced hearing.


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A sleeping Toyosatomimi.

Toyosatomimi, known more commonly as Yukkuri Miko, is a slightly mean yukkuri (like Yukkuri Kanako) that enjoys others around. Apparently the inability to properly say its name will cause this yukkuri to become depressed. Like most yukkuri, they are curious about their natural surrounding.

Like Kimeemaru, these yukkuri have great speed and appear to like fast-moving objects such as Suiiis and cars. Their obsession with speed sometimes causes them them to actually hijack cars. How they do this is rather unknown, though it's guessed only bodied Toyosatomimis can hijack cars.

Relationship with other YukkuriEdit

These yukkuri are friends, and mates, of Futos and Tojikos. Trio of these yukkuri and their koyukkuri will form temples, having very close bonds. Toyosatomimi are also seen as friends, though never mates, of Seigas.

Like Futos and Tojikos, Toyosatomimis hate Byakkuris with a passion, and "temples" of the two will wage war against each other. Though the reason for this is unknown.


  • Easy Playtime OVER!

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • The hair on the yukkuri is sometimes mistaken for ears. On that note, their hair sometimes catches fire for no real reason. Yet these yukkuri are apparently fine by the blaze leading some to believe that this hair is made of a flammable material and that Toyosatomimi have a high resistance to heat.

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