Yukkuri Wakasagihime


Based on
Mermaid ears, fish tail
Pure Water
"Half" Bodied
Special Abilities
Aquatic Yukkuri, easily ignored by others


A new type of aquatic yukkuri filled with water. One of the first fully aquatic yukkuri and are unable to live on land least they die of dehydration. They have become rather common as of recent.


A Yukkuhime.


Shy in nature, these yukkuri live in most bodies of water and will swim away if scared. They are seen coming to the waters edge if curious enough or to socialize with Kagerous, Sekibankis, or anything they may find "interesting".

As of right now, they feed mainly on seaweed, algae, and other plants. This would make them one of the few herbivore yukkuri in existence. Due to their filling, and the fact they are found in water, most species of animals or yukkuri choose to not prey on Yukkuhimes while abusers simply avoid them because actual abuse would be difficult to achieve.


A Wakasagihime in its native habitat with tail visible. This author shows non-aquatic yukkuri not suffering from ill effects of being underwater.

They appear to be attracted to shiny objects, such as pebbles, tin foil, etc. and have been observed collecting said items to bring to their underwater nest. Though unlike most yukkuri who collect these materials for nest building or to be used as toys, Yukkuhime appear to collect the material simply for the pleasure of collecting. They are also known to show off a particular interesting piece if given the chance.

Relationship with other YukkuriEdit

As of current, most if not all, yukkuri seem to ignore Yukkuhime. As a side effect, Yukkuhimes are as of current known to only mate with themselves. Kagerous and Sekibankis are seen befriending Yukkuhimes, however, and Nitoris are also seen associating with them.

Mystias are known to harass Yukkuhimes for unknown reasons. They are also at odds with Tojikos, who appear to actively try to kill Wakasagihimes for unknown reasons. Finally on the list of yukkuri that downright hate Yukkuhimes are the new Chandras, who will try to set fire to the others every time they have a chance. It would just seem the poor Yukkuhime has bad relations with other yukkuri.

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