Yukkuri Yamame

Yukkuri Yamame

Yukkumame, Spiderkurri
Based on
Black bow
Cinnamon Apple
Special Abilities
Can produce venom and webs


An omnivorous yukkuri that eats insects, plants, and other yukkuri.



A rather large Yamame with a caught koreimu. Yamames can make good guard yukkuri, assuming one can properly train it and doesn't mind cobwebs.


A Yamame with trapped prey. It will likely eat the koyukkuri first, and save the parent for later.

A aggressively friendly yukkuri that could be borderline rapist, getting a bit clingy to others. They spin webs to catch insects to eat (or to feed to a mated yukkuri). If a yukkuri happens to enter the web, and if the Yamame is hungry enough, the yukkuri will be quickly trapped and injected with venom that paralyzes the yukkuri. The Yamame may feast on the yukkuri then, or save it for later. Yamames may also go out hunting, shooting webs to ensnare other yukkuri or insects.

Yamames are surprisingly good builders, especially for a species with no hands, and can craft anything from massive houses (for yukkuri), confusing caves, or just bizarre architecture. If one happens to own a pet Yamame, it's best to give it plenty of construction material (such as toy logs or blocks). While yukkuri are already natural builders, Yamame's building abilities are comparable to humans.

A well-trained Yamame can be a beneficial yukkuri in artificial clans (groups of pet or domesticated yukkuri), so long as the Yamame doesn't try to eat its companions. They also work well as guard yukkuri.

Relationship with other yukkuriEdit


A Yamame with a Kisume.

While usually friendly around most yukkuris, Yukkumames actively seek out Yukkuri Kisume. But unlike other yukkuri who seek yukkuri out, Yamames do it so they can "befriend" the Kisume. This is beneficial to Kisumes, who aren't the greatest hunters or yukkuri, as they know a Yamame will be able to support it. The Yamame, in turn, enjoys showering its friend/mate with gifts and food. They have no issue doing most of the work in order for the Kisume to be happy.


  • "Take it easy with me!"

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