Yukkuri Yoshika


Based on
Seal, hat
Rotten meat
Special Abilities
Can and will eat anything small enough to fit in their mouth


Yukkuri Yoshika is a fairly newly discovered type of yukkuri. They were likely first introduced in a text-only story.

37486436 p9

A Yoshika being teased.

Behavior Edit


A Yoshika in a bath. They have become popular pets for yukkuri enthusiasts, recently.

Pale and filled with rotten meat, they have a tendency of smelling bad. Yoshikkuri will eat anything that it can fit in its mouth, including koyukkuri and some of the smaller breeds of fully grown yukkuri, although it does not show any sort of preference towards any type of food, similar to Yukkuri Yuyuko. Because they will eat anything, even if it is not normally seen as food, they can be used as trash disposals, though it is not recommended that they be kept inside a household due to the smell.

Recently, non-smelling Yoshikas have appeared in the pet trade thanks in part to breeders. However, the slow reaction speed and movement coupled by their huge appetites have put off many new owners. Regardless, they still are popular among Yukkuri collectors.

The small seal on their heads apparently can tell their emotions better then they can. So, for example, if they are sad, the Yoshika may not be able to express it but their seal might say "I'm sad".

Relationships to other YukkurisEdit


A yukkuri Seiga barking orders to a Yoshika. Not all Yoshikas are so obedient to their "masters"

Because of their smell and eating behavior, most yukkuri avoid Yoshikkuri. However, Yukkuri Seiga are well known for taking a liking to a single Yoshikkuri and doting over them, much like how a Ran or Sakuya type will dot over a Chen or Remilia-type respectively. However, unlike most over-bearing yukkuri, Seigas treat their Yoshikkuri like beloved servants. However, both yukkuri are seen living happily without each other.

As of current, it's unknown who Yoshikkuri mate with in the wild. One English author did draw a Seiga being the parent of a Yoshikkuri.

Oddly enough, Isaacs hate Yoshikas with a passion.


  • Yuruyuyu...

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • At least one artist has shown that being bit for a Yoshika will turn a human into a yukkuri.

    Being bitten by a Yoshika.

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