Yukkuri Yumeko
Based on
Special Abilities
Sharp Teeth, Ability to launch teeth as projectiles.


A Yukkuri found only near Ahogekurris, although it is unknown if they are servants or possibly mates.

A very rare species that could easily have been believed to be extinct if it wasn't for the fact they appear from time to time.


Yumeko-types happen to be very similar to Sakuya and Erin-types due to their undying need to cater towards Ahogekurris. A very busy species of yukkuri, who appears to never have time to take it easy as they are constantly caring for their beloved Ahogekurries (even if said yukkuri doesn't need care in the first place).

They are also skilled fighters (for a yukkuri), able to launch their sharp teeth as projectiles and are unusually good at weilding a sword, even if they have to use their mouth.

Relationship with other YukkuriEdit

Besides their beloved Ahogekkuris, Yuumekkis rarely interact with other yukkuri. Owners of these rare yukkuri have tested their reaction to Sakuyas. Most of the time the two will get along, but an odd rivalry will form with the Sakuya and Yuumekki competing to see who can clean faster, who has the better master, etc.

They do not mate with other yukkuri, however, so it's unknown how they are born. The few examples in captivity are wild caught.

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