Yukkuri YuugenMagan


Based on
Black Knot Bow
Golden Raisins
Special Abilities
Can make fake duplicates which it can use as "security cameras".
Generally Rare

Yukkuri Yuugenmagan are a kind of rare Yukkuri usually found spying on other Yukkuris, they are a special kind of Yukkuri which are rather common in Makai but rare anywhere else. Because it can make fake versions of itself, it can spy on things, or use the fake Yukkumagans to steal objects or taunt other Yukkuris, if a fake Yukkumagan is killed/damage the real one will not be harmed. The easiest way to identify a fake Yukkumagan is to check for a large energy line coming from it.

Relationships with Other YukkuriEdit

Yukkumagans are generally aggressive to all other Yukkuris except for Shinki Types. However, they usually get ignored by the Shinkis.


Yukkumagans usually say how many Yukkumagans are visible (i.e Single-kuri! Double-Kuri! Triple-Kuri! Quad-Kuri! MULTI-KURI!)

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

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