Yukkuri Yugi


Based on
Red horn with a yellow star mark on the back. Sometimes a sake dish.
Rum Cake
Special Abilities
VERY strong, good balance with sake cups?


A very strong and party-loving yukkuri. In a sense,they are similar to Yukkuri Suika, only not as drunk as them.


A Suika sharing its sake with a Yuugi.


Strong yukkuri that enjoy parties, drinking, and being the center of attention. They're also pretty strong and are capable of sending yukkuris flying with a powerful tackle as well. At worst, they can also use their horns to gorge an unfortunate yukkuri. Caution should be taken with pet Yuugis, as they could by mistake gorge their owners doing simple activities like rub-rub.

These yukkuri are know for their love of alcohol. Though unlike Suikas, they are not picky so long as they can get alcohol. Be it wine, beer, saké, even fermented fruit will work fine for a Yuuguri. They also love to balance saké dishes on their horns, claiming they've never "spilled a drop" though, as seen, this is mostly a boast rather than truth.

Relationship with other yukkuriEdit

Yuugis are very fond of Suikas and Parsees. However, due to the jealous nature of Parsees, a Yuugi may become fed up with their constant complaining. But regardless, a Yuugi is a great mate for a Parsee, as it will protect the Parsee without hesitation. Therefore, upon finding a wild Parsee, it's best to leave it be as its Yuugi mate may be nearby.

They do get along fairly well with Hakus, due to the Haku being a drunk.


A koyugi rubbing against a doll Suika.

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