A mysterious yukkuri rumored to have appeared in Makai. It is a sphere that appears to be somewhat mechanical, yet organic. It can range from a basic-sized Yukkuri to a Dosuyukkuri (which can be the size of a human). Zelos has a large emblem on its face with 6 spheres inset on it where lines are connecting each sphere to a central sphere

The paste core it has is surrounded by an odd yet highly durable material.

It is incapable of speech, but can display its' emotions through the symbol on it's face (Red: Anger, Blue: Sadness, Green: Relaxed, Yellow: Excited, Purple: Curious, Silver: Anxious). It can fire a beam on the same destructive scale as Justakkuris

It can also change its physical state by manipulating the surface of its' body giving it multiple ways to adapt and attack or defend. It cannot actually shapeshift like Nue types.

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